Saturday, August 22, 2009

A crazy weekend leading to a crazy week

Hello again:) I've made my way out to Utah finally! I'm staying at my aunts house spending time with the family before I start school. Short recap of the last few days?

Thursday: Had my last workout at Fitness First. This was actually really sad..I've spent so much time there, especially in the past few months and i've grown to love that place and the people that work there. I'm looking forward to checking out BYU's gym but it'll never quite be the same. After that, I spent some quality time with my awesome little sister, Taylor, while I was finishing up my packing. I really love her so much and am going to miss being around her :( We discovered that the word 'crisps' is really fun to weird as that sounds. It seemed pretty funny at the time:) After I was all packed and ready to go, I went with Tay and my parents to the Cheesecake Factory (my personal favorite). So basically that was awesome..I got some crusted chicken romano which was delicious (its kinda what I get every time..its that good and it reminds me of my brother). We also had shared two types of cheesecake..both of which i highly reccomend. The first one was a chocolate coconut cheesecake (yum) and the second was a pinneapple upside down cake layered with traditional cheesecake (double yum). After lunch, we walked around the mall for a minute and then headed out to the airport. I was very happy to find a 'virginia is for lovers' t-shirt (which i've been wanting) right there in dulles airport. I said my last goodbyes to my awesome family..went through security and headed to my flight. It felt weird walking to the gate by just made it that much more real to me. I cried most of my first flight..mostly just thinking about good times i've had with my family and the look on taylor's face as I was leaving. I think the lady sitting next to me thought I was really strange though..I was trying really hard to stop crying, but you know how that goes. Slightly embarrassing, but its not like I'm ever going to see her again. On my second flight I was sandwiched between two guys in their mid-twenties. The flight was delayed an hour, plus it was a 3 hour flight so we actually got to know eachother pretty well. The guy to my left, Brad, was flying out to University of Utah from michigan to go back to school for his third year. He told me about living on lake michigan and the people there and the differences between that and utah. He seemed like a pretty interesting person. The guy to my right had just graduated from Utah State and had gone home to philadelphia for a while but was now returning to Utah to propose to his girlfriend. He never told me his name, but I hope all goes well for him in that! Once the flight was over, I parted ways with my new friends and went to my aunts house where i quickly fell asleep. ( it was about 2 a.m. eastern time)

Friday: My poor cousin, Aaron, is suffering from some sort of flu and I woke up friday morning to the sound of him throwing up. Not super pleasant, but I felt really bad for him. It sounded pretty miserable. Anyways, I went shopping for my dorm stuff at target wtth my grandma:) I ended up getting everything i needed except for the cute stuff which i'm waiting to go shopping with emma for. After shopping, my grandma had everyone on that side of the family over to hang out/eat food/play on this huge inflatable waterslide she has. It was a lot of fun to see my cousins and catch up with my aunts and uncles. In the evening, we saw Julie and Julia which I thought was a great movie. It inspired me to try cooking more except now I can't really do that anymore, seeing as i'm going to be living in a dorm with no kitchen. Still, I reccommend the movie:)

Saturday: Worked on the family cabin up in the mountains all day. I have to the end of the day I was pretty worn out, but I had a lot of fun using the nail gun and other various tools to put pannelling up on the exterior of the cabin. It's gonna look great when its finnished..though that could be several years from now;) its a huge project building a cabin..and even when you have a lot of people working on it, that can cause its own problems. Its a little thing we learned about in AP goverment called 'gridlock'. It occurres when you have 'too many cooks in the kitchen' (yes mrs. bria I remember!) and progress slows. A lot of people trying to make important decisions with differing opinions can get a little messy. As for me, I just do what they tell me to do with a smile on my face...and i'm secretly glad that that is my role. After the cabin, I went to dinner with a friend who lives in salt lake. Its great to have people like him looking out for me. I don't know quite how i'd feel if I didn't have any family or friends out here to have my back:) After dinner I came down to Springville to stay with my other set of grandparents before the big conference.

If you think things are busy and crazy now..just wait for this coming week. I'd say it definitely competes for biggest week of my life. I am so looking forward to it.

I hope my family knows that I miss them..and I hope my friends from A-town know I miss them too and wish them the best of luck in their own college experiences. Well, I'm gonna roll out. Until next time:)

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